Woodworking Services

Create a backyard getaway that’s functional and beautiful

We incorporate wooden structures with softscape designs and use an open framework for the construction, allowing for vines and greenery to grow vertically through your trellis or wooden arbours and create an eye-catching design. Our gazebos and pergolas make gorgeous centrepieces for your property’s landscape and can be used in a variety of spots in your yard like by the pool, on the patio or as an outdoor dining area.

Wooden fences and decks let you expand your living space to the outdoors. We construct gorgeous fences built for privacy with natural weather-resistant coatings to withstand the elements of every season.

Expand living spaces

Wooden structures like gazebos and pergolas create extended living areas, suitable for lounging or recreational activities.

Additional storage

Storage sheds and pool houses are great spots to store your pool accessories and lawn-care equipment while creating another design opportunity with flower beds, hardscape elements, pathways and more.

Blend nature with design

The natural look and feel of wood can add to the aesthetic of traditional or rustic landscape designs while giving you a functional, gorgeous space.

And more

From concept to construction - our team is passionate about professional service and building beautiful designs. Contact Us to talk about getting started on one of your own.

The advantage of having an experienced, professional team working on your projects is seen clearly in the quality construction and design of your yard. Updating the exterior of your home or commercial property doesn’t need to be overwhelming and stressful - We have broken down our process into simple phases.

Our best woodworking design and build services

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What to expect

The design of your landscape is what sets the mood for your time spent outdoors. Transform your property with elements of landscape design like lighting and shape to create subtle shadows or dramatic effects with professional designing services.

  1. 1. Plan

    We begin by working with our designers and builders to discuss the purpose and functions of your property, giving our team a guide moving forward.
  2. 2. Design

    See your design come to life with a realistic perception of the finished product with our 3D technology to render the image.
  3. 3. Approve

    Once the design is finalized, our construction team can start building.
  4. 4. Excavate

    We remove any unwanted structures and surfaces to make room for the design.
  5. 5. Build

    Our professional crew makes sure that your property is accurately engineered to properly drain your yard and not damage any underground pipes or electrical lines.

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